COZYDOC Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk + Massage Ball | The World’s Most Comfortable Footrest for Home, Office, Travel | Doctor Designed Orthopedic Foam for Feet, Knee, Back Pain Relief【Black】

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COZYDOC was created by U.S. healthcare providers with your health & comfort in mind.

The floor feels uncomfortable & cold under my feet
I sit at a desk for long periods of time
My short legs don’t reach the floor when seated
I feel leg or lower back pain, strain, & fatigue when I sit or sleep
I have no time for daily exercise


►MAXIMUM COMFORT: Cozy Doc Foot Rest Cushions are stuffed with therapeutic high rebound foam, the most comfortable available on the market. Enjoy enhanced seated ergonomics with our cushioned foot stools, approved by physiotherapists. Kick off your shoes and keep your soles warm on our footrest in socks or barefoot to experience ultimate freedom & relaxation!

►PRACTICAL BENEFITS: Our 17 x 10 x 5 inch footrest fits perfectly underneath a computer desk, an airplane seat, or the dashboard of a passenger carseat. The portable cushion is light-weight and comes with a carry handle for ease of travel. The removable / washable cover has a nonslip base and side zipper to prevent skids & scratches on floors.

►MEDICAL BENEFITS: Keeping your feet raised with an under desk footrest can relieve symptoms related with foot, leg, & back pain and poor blood circulation. If you have bad posture, limb edema or swelling, DVT, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, gout, or neuroma, this product can help!

►MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: 1) Place the angled half-moon cushion under your knees while sleeping to reduce low back pain. 2) Use it as an ottoman to prompt your legs up on a coffee table. 3) Flip the cushion over to rock and exercise your feet. 4) Our Foot Rest comes with a BONUS Spiky Massage Ball and Instructional eBook (emailed to customers after purchase and found on the CozyDoc website). So you can work, exercise, and receive a foot massage, all from the comfort of your chair!

ORDER NOW to Cozy Up to a Healthier You!👣 FOOT RESTS REINVENTED: Unlike standard footrests, our asymmetrically curved footrest cushion places your legs & feet in the most ergonomically correct sitting position, while ensuring there is room for your knees under the desk. This MULTIPURPOSE footrest can be used while working or gaming on an office chair, sleeping in bed, or traveling by airplane or car.
👨‍⚕️ DOCTOR-DESIGNED COMFORT: Relax your feet on our therapeutic grade cushion, specially designed by U.S. doctors using supportive high-rebound foam that is neither too soft nor too firm. Fitted in a soothing velvet cover, our padded foot rest provides for a warm, comforting surface ideal for shoes, socks, and bare feet!
🌟 SUPERIOR FEATURES: 1) Our premium foot rests feature a built-in CARRY HANDLE for your portable and storage convenience. 2) The ANTI-SLIP BOTTOM and SIDE-HANGING ZIPPER will not slide on or scratch delicate floors. 3) The REMOVABLE COVER is hygienic & machine washable.
🎁 BONUS ADDED VALUE: CozyDoc is the ONLY footrest that comes packaged with a SPIKY FOOT MASSAGE BALL, developed & tested by physical therapists for self-administered deep tissue massage. Check your email or visit our website after purchase to claim your FREE Massage Ball GUIDED E-BOOK.
💯 LIFETIME WARRANTY: We offer 100% customer satisfaction, period. If for any reason you are not absolutely happy with your purchase, we will replace or refund your order. CONTACT US directly and we will take care of you.

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